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By Admin, Aug 14 2019 04:54PM

Its been a secret we’ve perfected over the years. This is Belo’s signature way of doing minimally invasive laser liposuction.

For decades now Belo Medical Group has remained to be the most trusted leader in body


From the day Dr. Vicki Belo introduced Laser Liposuction more than two decades ago, they

have continued to better themselves and the practice. The Belo 360-degree liposuction is an

art perfected by our Belo Doctors using two pronged approach. This signature way of doing

liposuction uses laser-assisted technology that will result in beautifully shaped and sculpted

body. At Belo, the fat is melted via laser and when fat is liquified thats when it is suctioned. The

360-degree approach means fat removal is not limited to one area. Procedure is done in a

circumferential manner where parts surrounding the problem area are also targeted for a more

streamlined look.

As Dr. Vicki Belo herself describes it 360-degrees liposuction is a surgical technique that takes

into consideration that the body should look great when seen from all angles. Many liposuction

surgeons concentrate on the patient looking good from the front. We at Belo do it with 360

degree perspective. We leave very tiny scars and add the use of “bodytite” to tighten loose

skin after weve removed the fat.

With Belo 360-degree liposuction you not only get rid of unwanted fat, you also get the whittled

waist, toned arms and beautifully sculptured body.

June 25, 2019 Belo medical group launches its latest campaign. A resurgence of liposuction in

the market. Set at the grill room of the Manila House. Guests were treated to a sumptuous lunch

then a thorough never before heard explanation by the beauty doctor herself.

Dr. Vicki Belo was already a Doctor in training when she first witnessed liposuction performed

on her father. At that time she found it cumbersome to say the least. It was done on general

anesthesia and so much blood and used a really large cannula. This all changed when while

taking up specialization in lasers in the US she was a asked to accompany a friend who was

going to go for a liposuction. It was to be performed by a Dermatologist, and was only done

with local anesthesia. They were in and out of the clinic in 3 hours. Dr. Vicki Belo, tells guests

this is how she learned of tumescent liposuction ( this is the procedure to prepare the fat

before suctioning). Some 29 years ago she brought the first laser assisted liposuction in the

Philippines. Dr. Belo explains that the 360 degree liposuction is the best way to get rid of

stubborn fat. She likens it to a marathon. Liposuction brings you to 90% of the way the

remaining 10% is up to you.

Events Host Bianca Valerio is the Face or should we say the Body of Belo’s latest campaign.

She relates how she gained weight as she struggled with depression when her Brother died.

Bianca now boasts of her 34 -24- 38 curvaceous body. From a 30 inch waist line now to 24

inches. She credits beauty doctor Dr. Belo for giving her the kickstart she needed to get back in

shape. “ Its an answered prayer, she’s not God but she’s definitely my fairy God Mother.”

Bianca raves more about the Belo 360 degrees liposuction “ you can work out all you want, you

will lose the weight, lose the inches, but you will not get the sculpted body, you will not get the


The VIP media event ended with a high note with Dr. Vicki Belo raffling of designer loot she

bought from her recent trip to Paris. Two luxury bags went to lucky winners, one was a special

edition Louis Vuitton and the other the latest Dior saddle bag.

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