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By auraxiiltd, Mar 11 2017 12:47AM

Teen housemate’s winning moment and other highlights of the ‘Big Night’ will be available until April via TFC online ( in key countries worldwide.

Teen housemate Maymay Entrata emerged as the Lucky Big Winner of “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” and made “PBB” history as the first Big Winner in the longest season of the hit ABS-CBN reality show, beating co-housemates from celebrity, teen, and adult editions in the ‘Big Night’ that aired live via

The Filipino Channel (TFC) in the Middle East and Asia Pacific and streamed simulcast its ABS-CBN airing on in key countries worldwide.

The “Ms. Wacky-Go-Lucky of CDO” garnered a total of 42.71% of votes and was welcomed formally by her family, friends, and fans to the outside world in the jam packed Big Night held last March 5 at the Alonte Sports Arena in Biñan, Laguna (Luzon, Philippines).

In an emotional speech, Entrata thanked all her fans for helping her reach her dream, and encouraged everyone to continue reaching for their own dreams.

“Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t ever forget where you came from and the people who helped you in your journey. If your dreams are already within reach and you stumble along the way, you just have to get back on your feet and rise from it. Remember why you started and why you made it that far to reaching your dream,” she said.

“Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself and to others because it is the key to your dreams and success in life,” Entrata added.

As the Lucky Big Winner, Entrata won Php 1 million, a house and lot, and an Asian tour package for two from clothing company.

On the other hand, fellow Big 4 housemates Kisses Delavin finished as the second Lucky Big Placer with 31.27% of votes and took home Php 500,000; Yong Muhajil as 3rd Big Placer with 21. 52% of votes and won Php 300,000; and Edward Barber as the fourth Lucky Big Placer with 4.49% of votes and got Php 200,000.

Meantime, on March 4, the night before the worldwide Twitter trending Big Night the 5th, 6th, and 7th Lucky Big Placer awards were already given to Tanner Mata, 2-in-1 “Hashtags” housemates Mccoy De Leon and Nikko Natividad, and Cora Waddell, respectively. Each of them received Php 100,000.

The “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” Big Night was also graced by PBB alumni that include Big Winners Kim Chiu, Jimboy Martin, Daniel Matsunaga, and Miho Nishida as well as by ex-housemates from past editions Tommy Esguerra, Joshua Garcia, Loisa Andalio, Zeus Collins, Ylona Garcia, Bailey May, Dawn Chang, Yassi Pressman and other former “PBB Lucky Season 7” housemates.

For the past 11 years, “Pinoy Big Brother” has remained one of the most watched programs in the country, and a consistent top trending topic in social media.

In fact, the Big Night ruled national TV ratings and won their respective timeslots. According to the data from Kantar Media / TNS, a local audience viewership measurement company, the show scored 19.9% against rival’s 10% for March 4, and hit 20.6% against rival’s 18.8% for March 5. Its final week is also in the Top 20 most watched programs on TFC online (

For eleven years now, “Pinoy Big Brother” has mirrored the hopes, plight, and aspirations of Filipinos through its diverse mix of housemates. The tasks and challenges that Big Brother formulates for the housemates aim to bring out the best in them, test their strengths, and foster camaraderie as they undergo a transformative journey inside the house.

Catch the “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” two-part finale via TFC online (, available until April 5, 2017 in key countries worldwide.

For more updates about the show, visit TFC’s Facebook page applicable for your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas, follow @KapamilyaTFC on Twitter and Instagram.

By auraxiiltd, Jan 29 2017 10:18PM

Awra Briguela is first weekly winner; Elha Nympha impressed as Sharon Cuneta; and Xia Vigor’s impersonation of Taylor Swift trended worldwide

Filipinos in and outside the Philippines continue to tune in to “Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids,” as the program’s cute performers impersonate more and more local and international music icons.

Based on data from Kantar Media / TNS, a local television viewership measurement company, the program led the list of the most watched programs in the country on the weekend when it premiered (January 7 and 8). “Your Face Sounds Familiar’s” first episode on Saturday recorded a Philippine TV rating of 31.4%, while it drew more viewers on Sunday with 33.2%. To date, it continues to rule the Saturday and Sunday Philippine evenings at 35.4 and 37% respectively.

Breakout Child Star Awra Briguela was named the edition’s first weekly winner, winning 24 points, for his spot-on impersonation of Dionisia Pacquiao. He impressed not only the jurors Sharon Cuneta, Gary Valenciano, and Ogie Alcasid, but also the online world. The video of his performance has now reached over 5,578,726 million views to date and was marked by YouTube as “#1 on Trending” in the list of most-talked about videos in the Philippines at launch.

Following him in the ranking were Dance Sweetheart AC Bonifacio who impressed as Britney Spears (19 points), Big Shot Belter Elha Nympha as Beyonce (18 points), and Talented Cutie Sam Shoaf as Bruno Mars (17 points). Getting 12 points each were Bibong Child Wonder Alonzo Muhlach as Harry Styles of One Direction, Musikerong Charmer Justin Alva as Michael Jackson, Young Diva ng Masa Lyca Gairanod as Katy Perry, and Daytime Princess Xia Vigor as Selena Gomez.

During the second week, the kid performers faced another set of challenges: Briguela as Daniel Padilla, Bonifacio as Sandara Park, Nympha as Sharon Cuneta, Shoaf as Alicia Keys, Muhlach as Rico J. Puno, Alva as Adam Levine, Gairanod as Lady Gaga, and Vigor as Taylor Swift.

While Nympha won for her seamless portrayal of the Megastar, Vigor‘s impersonation made waves across the globe and has gotten the attention of various foreign news outlets, including Huffington Post, and the online sites of TIME and Billboard magazines.

People magazine called the impersonation “spot on,” while British tabloid The Daily Mail described her performance as “extraordinary” and “pitch-perfect.” Teen Vogue also noted Vigor’s “incredible display of showmanship,” while MTV said Taylor herself would be proud of Vigor’s performance of her hit “Your Belong With Me.” The performance was also featured in sites such as Mashable, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, JustJared, and caught the attention of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Vigor’s video has so far garnered 8,490,590 million videos, and became top trending video at YouTube Philippines.

Last week, she scored another win as she portrayed Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses. The other kid performers also impressed with Gairanod as Jessa Zaragoza, Alva as Francis Magalona, Muhlach as Justin Bieber, Shoaf as Elvis Presley, Nympha as Meghan Trainor, Bonifacio as Jessie J, and Briguela as Rihanna.

Briguela, Nympha and Vigor all won Php 50,000 each and an additional Php 50,000 were given to their chosen charities Harvesters’ Foundation Inc., Mary Child Foundation at Lingap Pangakabataan Inc.

Others have a chance to improve their rankings because no one will be eliminated and their scores will be tallied each week.

See how these eight cute child stars transform weekly in “Your Face Sounds Familiar,” hosted by Billy Crawford. Catch them via TFC Video on Demand (VOD), cable, satellite and online ( in key countries worldwide. Catch-up episodes are also available via TFC IPTV and TFC online ( also in key countries worldwide.

For more updates about the show, visit Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas, follow @KapamilyaTFC on Twitter and Instagram.

By auraxiiltd, Nov 25 2015 07:21PM

The premier Filipino network is set to bring the viewing experience of three more channels to Kapamilyas in Europe via internet protocol television

The Filipino Channel (TFC) is set to level up the viewing experience of Filipinos in Europe with the launch of three more channels: Lifestyle Network, Myx TV and CineMo on its IPTV (Internet Protocol television) platform this November.

Starting this week, kababayans in Europe will finally experience the excitement, thrill and fun of three channels which Filipinos in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (for Lifestyle Network) are already enjoying via mainstream avenues.

ABS-CBN Managing Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Kai Rodriguez proudly shares that the initiative to add more channels on the IPTV platform of TFC is rooted from the clamor of Filipinos in Europe for more lifestyle, youth, and male-skewed programs. “In these fast-changing times, we try our best to keep focused on our mission. In doing so, we try to understand the unique and evolving needs of our kababayans in the region and deliver content that will help them not only be informed but also help them go through their daily grind. With the addition of the three more channels to TFC in Europe, we are serving the community and their more specific needs: Lifestyle Network for the passionate Filipinas, Myx TV for the second generation or Filipino youth and Cinemo for the male audience,” Rodriguez says.

TFC IPTV’s newest channels

Lifestyle Network is a living and travel guide channel that understands the lifestyle needs of modern Filipinos around the globe. As multi-faceted as its audience, the channel brings a myriad of entertainment choices that inspire. It is the only guide and companion that helps enrich the lives of Filipino viewers and expand their universe.

The channel features original and acquired programs from the five lifestyle genres: Food, Travel, Self, Home, and Entertainment. From the most delicious cuisine in the world, travel tips, parenting, self-improvement tips, beauty, fashion, to home programs, Lifestyle Network is definitely the channel for the modern Kapamilya.

These programs include “Listed,” “Ten,” Curiosity Got the Chef,” Ultimate Countdown and “Interior Motives.” For the full list of programs of Lifestyle Network, visit

Myx TV, on the other hand, is the fastest growing, cable TV and digital network featuring original and acquired programs and first-run music from the U.S. and Asia.

Its buzzworthy programming includes original award winning reality shows, movies, and music that have been featured on major American mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, CNN, People Magazine, and the Hollywood Reporter.

With programs such as “I’m Asian American and…,” “The Kitchen Musical: The Boston,” “The Doll Life,” “Bagged,” “Eat Your Words,” and “Movie So Good,” Myx TV is a true representation of the second generation audience. For the full list of programs of Myx TV, visit

Lastly, Cinemo is the movie channel catering to the Pinoy male audience offering a slew of classic Filipino action movies, sexy films and comedy. It presents a wide collection of films featuring Pinoy male movie icons such as Fernando Poe Jr. (“FPJ: Hari ng Aksyon”), Dolphy (“Dolphy: Hari ng Comedy”), and Robin Padilla (“Binoe’s Best”). Other blocks under Cinemo include “CineSilip,” “CineBakbakan” (more action titles), “CineKwela” (more comedy movies) “CBO: Cinema Box Office” (top-grossing films), “CineMaton” (featured action star of the month), and “CineSigaw” (horror movies).

TFC’s IPTV service and its video-on-demand (VOD) features enable Filipinos in Europe to pause the scenes they don’t want to miss, replay the shows that they have missed, and fast forward the shows to the scene that they want to see the most from these channels and the platform’s other premium channels: TFC, Cinema One Global, ANC, and DZMM Teleradyo.

For a holistic digital TV viewing experience, interested parties can call the hotline 00-800-7868-4535, or TFC IPTV dealers or visit for more information.

By auraxiiltd, Nov 20 2015 04:58PM

The premier Filipino network lets overseas Filipinos from various countries with the most touching stories experience a virtual Christmas reunion with their family plus stars in Kapamilya Reunion

The Filipino Channel (TFC), the network that truly exists for Filipinos outside the homeland, will bring together overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their Kapamilyas in a virtual get-together via its Christmas offering – Kapamilya Reunion

Inspired by its mission to serve as the link between Filipinos overseas and their loved ones back in the Philippines, TFC unveils its gift of Kapamilya Reunion where Pinoys can enjoy a virtual Christmas get-together with their loved ones in the Philippines just by just by addressing the line - “I-kuwento ang iyong most memorable Paskong ‘Pinas with your family? (What is your most memorable Christmas in the Philippines with your family?).

All OFs who are legal residents of or contracted workers in the U.S.A., Canada, UAE, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan can join the promo and send their answers to TFC facebook pages in these countries.

After registering and entering their stories, five winners from the qualified participants will be chosen for each of these countries based on the uniqueness of the story (50%) and the over-all impact of the entry (50%).

Winning participants will then get the chance to bring two family members to designated areas in their respective countries and chat with their loved ones back home on December 6 at the Restaurant 9501 in Quezon City, Philippines.

Their loved ones in the Philippines will be joined by executives of TFC in Manila as well by several Kapamilya Stars from widely watched ABS-CBN programs. Like a true reunion, both overseas Filipinos and their Kapamilyas in the Philippines will also receive exchange gifts via balikbayan boxes from TFC and participating sponsors.

Through Kapamilya Reunion, TFC will bring the cheer of the holiday season and the company of loved ones for Filipinos who can’t be home for Christmas.

Share your “Most Memorable Christmas in the Philippines” and visit, CanadaOfficial, TFCMiddleEast, TFCEurope, TFCAustralia, TFCJapan, TFCHongKong, TFCSingapore and TFCTaiwan1. Promo will run until November 22 only so share your memories now.

By auraxiiltd, Nov 4 2015 01:43PM

Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta reunite in newest Kapamilya drama

When all the love and trust are gone, can a family still pick up the pieces and rebuild a once complete and happy home?

ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel (TFC) tells the heartfelt story of a daughter who will do whatever it takes to fix her family in the newest powerhouse drama, “You’re My Home” premiering on November 9, Monday (November 10, Tuesday, Australian Daylight Savings Time or AEDT, New Zealand Daylight Savings Time or NZDT, Guam, and Japan time) on TFC worldwide.

Get to know the Fontanilla family in the eyes of the eldest daughter, Grace Fontanilla (Jessy Mendiola). After many years of living in simplicity, the lives of the Fontanillas suddenly take a turn when Gabriel (Richard Gomez) handles the frustrated homicide case against Christian Vergara (JC De Vera), son of a powerful senator. With their new and luxurious lifestyle, then 12-year old Grace realizes that her dad and mom, Marian (Dawn Zulueta) have no time for them anymore, thus turning her to a rebellious daughter.

One night, she decides to run away to be with her friends. Her younger brother Rahm together with their househelp, run after her, leaving their youngest sibling, Vince alone inside the house. Hours later, the Fontanilla family finds out that Vince has been kidnapped. This shocking news will change their lives and will test their bond as a family.

Twenty five years later, the Fontanillas still face the reality of Vince’s disappearance. Marian and Gabriel have separated. Marian focuses her time and strength on putting up her own clothing line while Gabriel finds comfort in the arms of Roni (Lara Quigaman). Rahm (Sam Concepcion), at an early age, now has a son and a wife while her sister while Grace continues to blame herself for what happened with Vince. But fate comes into play when Grace crosses paths with Vince (Paul Salas).

As Vince returns to their lives, will the Fontanillas become whole again? Can Marian and Gabriel give love another chance? What will happen when Grace finds herself falling in love with Christian, the man who got convicted for the kidnapping of her brother? What is the truth behind Vince’s disappearance?

Also included in the powerhouse cast are Assunta De Rossi, Tonton Gutierrez, Minnie Aguilar, Diana Zubiri, Joebel Salvador, Mika dela Cruz, Peewee O’Hara, Belle Mariano, Bugoy Cariño, and Raikko Mateo. “You’re My Home” is directed by Jerry Lopez-Sineneng and is produced by Star Creatives led by business unit head Malou Santos.

Do not miss the premiere of the latest drama offering (also sub-titled in English) that will surely capture the hearts of families worldwide, “You’re My Home” on November 9, Monday (November 10, Tuesday, AEDT, NZDT, Guam, and Japan time) on TFC worldwide. Viewers can also catch the premiere via livestream through TFC’s official online service, or via its video-on-deman or VOD (Internet Protocol television or IPTV) available in the US, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

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