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The capital's favourite Filipino restaurant to showcase a vibrant new look!

By Admin, Jul 23 2019 04:54PM

Romulo Café re-opens 26th July!

Back in 2014, frustrated that Filipino cuisine was Asia’s best kept culinary secret,

Rowena Romulo decided to do something about it. The result was Romulo Café.

Opened in Kensington High Street in March 2016, it was an overnight sensation,

seducing the capital with its food – and its ambience. Some three years and countless

awards later, Rowena and managing partner Chris Joseph have decided that rather

than sit on their laurels, it was time for their creation to undergo a subtle reinvention.

Officially reopening its doors on the evening of Friday 26 th July, and henceforth known

as Romulo Café & Restaurant to further emphasise its fine Filipino dining credentials,

guests here will discover a revitalised offering that still keeps the heart and soul of the


The interiors have been refined by the design team at award-winning agency Cada

(Fortnum & Mason, The Dorchester, The Shard).

The first thing guests will see on entering is a reconfigured layout. The front and back

sections of the restaurant are now a cohesive whole, while the striking new bar, with its

brushed satin champagne nickel edge and skirting, has been moved, allowing for tables

to be positioned in the window.

Taking as their starting point the restaurant’s heritage, but ensuring classic elements

are used alongside the contemporary, the designers have further reinvigorated the

space with geometric black and white wallpaper panels which form a spiritual link

between London and the Philippines, as this is the signature style of the three Romulo

restaurants in Manila.

A palette of greys, whites and light blues with strong accents of lime green, new lighting

and reupholstered banquettes - also in lime green - are offset by beautifully reframed

historic photos and documents featuring Rowena’s Pulitzer Prize-winning grandfather,

the late General Carlos P. Romulo, who was the inspiration for all of the family’s


Externally, the restaurant façade comes to vibrant life too with its canopy, signage and

balustrades, all in the same striking lime green.

Complementing the interiors is a new menu that keeps all the existing favourites and

signature creations but in a more pared down form.

In addition, Romulo Café & Restaurant is delighted to announce the launch of its new

prix fixe lunchtime menu from Monday to Friday, 12pm to 3pm. Featuring two courses

for just £12.95 or three for £15.75 – and dishes of the calibre of Ilocos-style miki noodle

soup, grilled pork belly barbecue and mango float ice cream – this is not only a great

value ‘express’ offering for time-pressed diners, but a fantastic introduction to Filipino

cooking for those unfamiliar with the cuisine.

Created by executive chef Jeremy Villanueva, all dishes continue to be made with the

finest seasonal ingredients sourced from such renowned local suppliers as Dingley Dell


A carefully curated selection of Old and New World wines and Romulo’s celebrated

collection of Filipino-inspired cocktails will continue to complement the dining


Romulo Café & Restaurant, 343 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 6NW

Romulo Cafe Website

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