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FBC - Filipino Basketball Club SEASON 3 - GAME 3 Update

By auraxiiltd, Apr 13 2016 05:40PM

3rd Game

Magbarik v Ravens

10 April 2016

Magbarik Coach Jhun Corachea played almost the entire 40mins but unfortunately stopped due to an injury. However, his legacy was felt amongst his teammates. 1st half, Ravens run fast and Magbarik runs after them but the Ravens got quicker and stronger.

KC of Magbarik took charge of the points. Rodeno controlled the defence. "Hold your position, no matter what!" was the game plan.

Ravens remained calm, assuming the win from the start and did not force the situation further. Bueno manages the team from the delayed start of Star Warren Argarin. When the reinforcement came, they shuffled their men immediately. Baiden starts cold but made his presence felt by a foul shot with 2 freethrows.

In the 2nd half, the unfortunate happened for Magbarik when coach Jhun Corachea was sidelined because of an injury. The fight did not end there, Magbarik closed in by 6 points. They simply ran out of time.

In the end, Ravens took the game.

Final Score:

Ravens 54 v 49 Magbarik

Ravens team 54

Tabian 17

Baden 11

Bondoc 9

Morales 5

Chamberlain 4

Argarin 6

Bueno 2

Magbarik 49

Nicholas KC 22

Penida 10

Rodriguez 10

Munoz 5

Corachea 3

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