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Erika Federis- On the road to “Miss Inspiration UK” in 2017

By auraxiiltd, Oct 11 2016 09:52PM

Erika Federis, formerly Miss London NABA 2015 and Miss NABA 2015, will be competing against numerous other contestants on the 29th of October for the title of “Miss Inspiration South West.” The winner of this regional heat will then go on to compete for the main title “Miss Inspiration UK” in Wales on the 7th of April next year.

“I really am so excited about taking part in Miss Inspiration South West. I’ve always competed in pageants in London, and it would be great to be able to compete so close to home!”

“Of course, pageants are a fantastic opportunity to be able to wear beautiful sparkly dresses and show off your poise on stage; what girly girl doesn’t like any of this?” Erika laughs.

“For me however, taking part in pageants go beyond sparkles; it goes beyond hair and makeup; it goes beyond catwalks. True beauty radiates from within, and I am so proud to be involved in an organization that is a true advocate of this message.”

“A life-long dream of mine is to become a positive influence to the youth of tomorrow, and to be involved in Miss Inspiration South West brings me one step closer to this goal.”

Oct 12 2016 02:29PM by Marilyn

Go go go Erika Federis....I am so proud you bring honor to our hometown, your beauty, ideals and heart is an expression of a true Filipina. Well wishes for you my Dear and God Bless.

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