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AURA Elite is a premium and bespoke magazine offering a western standard publication to the Filipino community with special features and exclusive interviews as well as international articles.


What makes us unique? Well our magazine is of bespoke size showcasing a well laid out design with stunning images complemented by an array of interesting articles and features on Filipino celebrities, Health & Beauty,Travel, Food, Community and much more!


We have selected the best contributors in Europe, the US and the homeland of the Philippines to make this magazine truly in touch with the community and its culture. We are privileged to have Dr Vicky Belo of Belo Medical Group on board as one of our contributors in our monthly Health and Beauty pages as well as Dr. Mitsy Navales- Antolin of Navales Dental. Feng Shui expert Ms. Marites Allen brings us her luck forecasts.


A-List Celebrity Make-up Artist Edgar Santos shares his makeover tips alongside the UK's Hairdresser and make up Artist to world beauties and Filipino celebrities Philip de Vera sharing over 30 years of expertise in the field of beauty. Travel buff Rachel Grant also joins us to share her worldly travel experiences.


AURA shares celebrity news from the two major television networks in the Philippines namely ABS-CBN aka "Kapamilya" and also GMA aka "Kapuso" Filipino Top Celebrities are predominantly from these two networks and we bring you up to date news both on our printed magazines and digital platforms.


AURA Elite Magazine International- Bridging the Philippines to World Culture.

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“Aura's mission is to provide a platform to bridge World Cultures”

Dee Chanelle